Lebanese tourist Mona El Mazboh is set to be released after initially being sentenced to eight years in prison for slanderous comments towards Egyptian society, verbal attacks against religion and public indecency, reported MENA News Agency on Sunday.

24-year-old Mona El-Mazboh's sentence was initially reduced to one year, and ultimately suspended by the court. El Mazboh’s lawyer adds that she will be released on Sunday, after which she will be deported on Wednesday.

El-Mazboh, who was arrested at the Cairo airport in June, was found guilty in July. This came after she recorded herself in a 10-minute Facebook video complaining about being sexually harassed by cab drivers and young men on the streets, as well as criticising restaurant services in Ramadan. The Lebanese tourist also mentioned having her money stolen when she'd previously visited the country. 

Main image from IMLebanon.